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About the author

AE (Tony) Perkins is a freelance writer, journalism instructor, and live sports event announcer in Tucson AZ.

A specialist in sports journalism, Mr. Perkins has reported at events including the Indianapolis 500, the NFL playoffs, and the NCAA basketball Final Four.

In 2008, Mr. Perkins co-hosted international broadcast coverage of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.  He lived and worked in China for four years before returning to the United States to research the history and popularity of modern sports events.

“Down Goes Frazier” takes its name from sports personality Howard Cosell’s legendary broadcast call during the Joe Frazier – George Foreman heavyweight boxing bout in 1973.  The fight signaled the start of a decade that defined what we now call the sports entertainment industry.

The 1970s began when television sports viewers could choose from only 4 or 5 channels in their living rooms.  By the end of the decade, satellite-fed super-stations broadcast every game of selected major league baseball teams, and a newly-born ESPN searched desperately for its entry into the pay-cable sports viewing market.

This blog aims to chronicle the early development of the multi-billion dollar sports entertainment business, but it also highlights the way broadcast television turned ordinary games into worldwide events during the 1970s..

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